The site has a total area of 5,003m² and a street frontage of 104m to Northwood and Longueville Road. As illustrated by Figure 1, it is located at the intersection of Northwood Road, Longueville Road, River Road West and Kenneth Street in the Northwood Centre. Current improvements on the site include two detached dwellings, a service station and 3 x 1-2 storey buildings with ground floor shops, one of which was previously occupied by a veterinary clinic. The Development Application looks to consolidate the land parcels into one lot for the purposes of development.

The topography of the site falls away steeply from the road frontage to the east towards the Lane Cove Golf Course and Gore Creek. A Bushland Reserve adjoins the eastern boundary. A flora and fauna ecological assessment forms part of the Development Application documentation.

Vehicular access to the site is currently available from Northwood Road and Longueville Road. In accordance with the advice from Transport for NSW, the new development will be serviced by a single two way driveway off Northwood Road that aligns the Southern boundary of the site.

The development provides for all power lines being placed underground at the road frontage.

The site contains a telecommunications tower. Pathways Residences is discussing the temporary relocation of the tower with the respective communications provider and this would be undertaken in accordance with the Telecommunications Act.



The development that Pathways Residences would like to realise for their site is a 143 bed or 122 room multi-storey RACF built over street level neighbourhood business premises that may include a pharmacy, hairdresser, beautician, cafe and restaurant. Development consent for these uses will be the subject of separate Development Applications. Allied health services for rehabilitation and remediation including a hydrotherapy pool will be provided in a medical centre. The medical centre and the neighbourhood premises will be open to the general public as well as residents of the RACF.

A residential aged care facility (RACF) refers to a specialised nursing home style of housing that caters for seniors who are typically over 85 years of age and who are no longer able to live independently or who suffer from the symptoms of dementia.

Locating the RACF above a community precinct is important for achieving the social integration of the facility into the local community and it will add vibrancy through the pedestrian movements it will generate. Similarly the incorporation of allied health services for doctors, dentists, podiatrists and physiotherapists will reinforce the community wellbeing focus of the development.

Photomontages of the proposed development are at Figures 2 and 3.


Figure 2: PROPOSED Pathways Residences street view looking south along Longueville Road


figure 3: PROPOSED Pathways residences longueville, street view looking north along northwood road




table 1 the development statistics of the project




Figure 4 Proposed Landscape Design

The design rational that underpins the architectural and landscaping response for this project is characterised by the following principles:


  • A scale of development that complements the neighbourhood feel of the Northwood Centre and activates the streetscape with local shops and cafes.


  • The building form presents as 3 storeys at the Northwood and Longueville Road frontage and the building is setback 2-3 metres at ground level to accommodate a new wider footpath that will be paved and interspersed with 7 street trees that will soften the building form, enhance the pedestrian experience and landscape setting. An awning is provided along the entire frontage to provide weather protection.


  • The development uses the fall of land and presents as 5 storeys at the rear boundary. The building has a generous setback off the rear boundary. This setback is landscaped with mass plantings to transition to the adjoining Bushland Reserve and Lane Cove Golf Course.


  • The building form is setback from the side boundaries and is curved at both the southern and northern corners to create visual interest for pedestrians and motorists. these setbacks provide view corridors through the development.


  • The front facade has been vertically modulated to emulate the fine grain of terrace shopfronts and to add visual interest to the building in the streetscape.


  • Three view corridors are incorporated at ground level. These act as windows through to the development. Two corridors also provide through site pedestrian access. The corridors vary in width from between 4.5 to 6 metres.


  • Landscaping is integral to the design and accounts for 28% of the site area. The Landscape Plan is illustrated at Figure 4. Key elements of the landscape design include:


  • Landscaped side boundary setbacks with deep soil planting providing visual privacy and a green interface to neighbours.


  • Large landscaped terraces at the rear where residents can sit and enjoy bushland and golf course views. A rear terrace is provided at ground floor level at the rear providing an outdoor dining experience.


  • A bushland regeneration area of 200 square metres to transition to the adjacent rear Bushland Reserve.


  • The materials palatte features a combination of glass balustrades, copper cladding, vertical blades, rendered walls, horizontal louvres, white rendered walls and zinc cladding. It applies a combination of natural and muted colours to complement the adjoining bushland and surrounding buildings.




The proposal includes basement car parking for 86 cars across 3 levels including:

•  51 commercial spaces

•  20 RACF staff spaces

•  15 RACF visitor spaces

There is lift access from the basement levels into the RACF and the ground floor amenities and shops.

Parking for 6 motorcycles and 65 bicycles is also provided in basement 2. The proposed car, bicycle and motorcycle parking complies with the necessary Seniors SEPP and Lane Cove Council DCP controls.

A single two way driveway is provided to the basement level off the Northwood Road frontage. The driveway is located towards the southern boundary of the site in accordance with Transport for NSW road safety advice. To facilitate the proposed driveway location the existing bus stop immediately outside the site will need to be relocated. This would be pursued in conjunction with Lane Cove Council through the Local Traffic Committee.

In terms of service access, a loading bay is proposed in the basement at Level 3 immediately adjoining the commercial and RACF waste rooms. All deliveries and waste removal will occur from within the basement.

Traffic investigations have confirmed that future traffic generation associated with the development will not have a detrimental or noticeable impact on the local road network or the performance of intersections surrounding the site. The project can proceed without any upgrade to the existing road infrastructure.




Working with Pathways Residences on this project is a multi-disciplinary team. Each member has prepared a specialist report that forms part of the Planning Proposal documentation. The team members are:



Morrison Design Partnership Architects has designed the project and have prepared the architectural plans and elevations.



City Plan Strategy and Development prepared the Planning Proposal documentation and they have also prepared the Statement of Environmental Effects that accompanies the Development Application.



McLaren Traffic Engineering and Road Safety Consultants has prepared the Traffic and Parking Impact Assessment for this project.



Cumberland Ecology has undertaken the ecological flora and fauna assessment of the site.



Stuart Pittendrigh has prepared the tree report for this project.



Svalbe & Co are the landscape architects on the project and have prepared the landscape design plan and recommended plantings schedule.